Juhu Tote

Our first Juhu Tote was created in Mumbai, India with an antique one of a kind silk sari, individually hand picked by Emily throughout her travels in India. This new shape was designed for maximum comfort while playing the our signature silhouettes. Each Sari has traveled a long way to finally reach you and we hope you love it as much as we did finding it and creating it for you. Perfect for traveling or everyday use and still handmade by Emily!
  • silk blend sari + 100% silk lining
  • features central knot closure, please don't open, only tighten
  • one of a kind

Care +

If you would like to wash your Juhu please wash by hand gently using a neutral-pH soap. Avoid rubbing the silk as you can damage the fibers. Hang dry away from sunlight to avoid discoloration.
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