Sari Tokyo Magnet bag

Our Sari Tokyo magnet bag is inspired by Japanese forms and the Wabi-Sabi concept of accepting, appreciating imperfections and seeing them as beautiful. These antique one of a kind Saris are individually hand picked by Emily throughout her travels in India. Each bag is then hand knotted and finished by her. With a silky smooth hand carved magnetic wooden closure, each Sari has traveled a long way to finally reach you and we hope you love it as much as we did finding and creating it for you. Perfect for traveling or everyday use! Please note that the sari fabric may vary slightly from the image, due to the fact we use different pieces of the sari to create each one, making them all one of a kind.
  • silk blend
  • handmade wood magnet closure
  • handle height 24cm - 9.4"
  • body 32 cm x 45 cm - 12.6" x 17.7"

Care +

The antique saris may have slight defects to the fabrics due to their age and should be handled with care, love and attention.
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