Our goal is to create products that last a long time. Taking care of your garments is essential to making them last longer and reduce their environmental impact. We hope that you can cherish your Emily Levine pieces for a lifetime.


Avoid contact with water and handle with care. If your flower necklace gets tangled or stuck somewhere, please don’t pull. Detangle carefully and slowly, using that meditative time to take a pause from your busy day!

Gold plated
Avoid direct contact with creams and perfumes to keep your gold plated jewelry shiny! If they do tarnish just use a jewelry cloth to rub it clean.


Our 100% cotton pieces
Wash in a gentle cycle with
a mild detergent

Our 100% linen pieces
Wash in a gentle cycle with
a mild detergent

Wash by hand with a mild soap, air dry.

If your item suffers any wear and tear that needs repair, please take it to your local tailor so it can be fixed and enjoy a second life.


Antique Sari
The antique saris may have slight defects due to their age and should be handled with care and love. Wash by hand with extra care, using a mild soap and air dry.

Dry clean only, but if there’s a tiny spot you’d wish to wash, use a small clean cloth and let it air dry.